Its kind of wild to compare my art from when I first started drawing more than just doodles to what my art is now! :o


This is from March 2012, and then this -


- is from this past December. o.o 

My art style has changed a looooot since I first started animating. xD 

Its really cool to see the improvement Ive made! :D Even between like 2013 and 2014, or 2015 and 2016, you can see improvement in my art, which is really cool. ^.^
I tried doing some pixel art today, too! :3


It was supposed to be an icon for me at first, but then I decided against that, and just went with the size it already was. xD I tried shading it a little, too, and I think I did okay! :o I really like how it came out in the end, at first I kept going back and editing things and saving it, and then editing something else, and that happened a few times, but now I think Im satisfied with it. :3 I ended up saving three different versions of it, one with a purple screen layer just over the lines, one with the purple screen layer over everything (but you cant really see it on the white), and then one without a screen layer at all! uvu The one above is the one with the screen layer over just the lines, since I like that one best I think. :D 

It ended up looking like a 3/4 view too, I think, even though thats not how I drew it at first! :o I really like how it looks though, I have it on my FurVilla profile now too~

I was home alone today for something like five hours in the end, since Melissa cut her finger while she was trying to open a can of ham for lunch. D: Mum took her to the hospital to get it looked at in case she needed stitches, but in the end stitches werent really required - they were an option, but they decided to just put some sort of glue on it and wrap it up for now, and hopefully that works. 030 It took longer for the doctor to see Mum and Melissa than it did for anything else to happen in the end, I think. 

Anyway, Id write more here tonight if I could, but its getting late and I have to go to bed, so Im gonna get off for tonight. .3.

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ewe

Good night guys! X3